R.A.D. In Time Volume One


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Pages: 69 color - paperback
Story: Austin Tinius & Robert Salinas
Artwork: Ignacio Vega
Colors: Greg & Fake Petre
Cover: Ignacio Vega & Greg & Fake

In the year 1969 A.D. Edward Einstein, no relation, has just watched man land on the moon. In order to send mankind lightyears ahead Dr. Edward Einstein has invented a time machine so he can introduce cavemen to fire and the wheel much, much earlier. However, the cavemen Edward encounters steal his time machine and travel to the end of time, and by doing so learn the meaning of life. Infinitely wise beings enhance the cavemen’s brain function and send them on their way to bring awesomeness throughout time and space.

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Doctor Muscles: Omnibus
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Holli Hoxxx: Omnibus
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