Holli Hoxxx: Omnibus


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Pages: 329 color - paperback
Story: Austin Tinius & Adam Tinius
Artwork: Ignacio Vega, Stefano Cardoselli
Cover: Glenn Fabry

The year is 2051 in New York City and gravity is a thing of the past. If you aren't anchored to the ground or wearing the newest line of Tycho brand gravity boots, you're doomed to float off into space. Now a new company has emerged with a plan to restore gravity back to New York City, and eventually the world, rendering all Tycho Boots obsolete.

On the eve of the demonstration that will restore gravity back to NYC, Holli Hox, the former face of Tycho Industries, finds herself thirty years (XXX) in the future. When Holli learns of an attempt to sabotage both companies, she must brave this hellish future where Manhattan Island floats in the air and a murderous street gang with a vendetta against artificial gravity rules the night, before millions of unsuspecting New Yorkers soar off into oblivion.

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