Doctor Muscles: Journal Two


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Pages: 154 color - paperback
Story: Austin Tinius & Robert Salinas
Artwork: Ignacio Vega, James Brunner, Victor Cabanelas, Earl Geier and Greg & Fake Petre
Cover: James Brunner

Synopsis: THE SMARTEST MAN IN PHILADELPHIA IS BACK. After escaping Hell and the Droxin tribe, Dr. Muscles finds himself attempting a short-cut to the end of Quargo by traveling through space. Before he can reach the Ultra-Lord, Muscles and Mickey will find themselves facing overgrown psycho-rats, new Cousins, ruthless bounty-hunters, and a maze within the maze. As they make their way through Quargo Dr. Muscles slowly realizes that moving on is simple, but what it leaves behind is hard.

This volume contains DM #'s 6-10

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